Solar Phenomena: Can They Affect Your Solar Energy Panels?

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The sun is responsible for all kinds of strange phenomena. If you have solar energy panels, you may be wondering if any of the sun's unusual behaviors could affect your solar power. The following solar phenomena, and the burning questions you have about them affecting your solar panels, are answered.

Solar Flares

Solar flares do have some effect on the environment of Earth. However, they cannot affect your solar panels. Solar panels collect radiant energy, which is the light energy that passes in and out of the Earth's atmosphere, This is why you are still able to have electricity on cloudy days. In addition to the fact that flares do not affect solar panels, there is the fact that solar flares are quick bursts of energy that are gone just as quickly as they start. This means that the power they exude, combined with the great distance of the sun, is out of reach of your solar panels. 

Solar Eclipses

Again, this type of phenomenon has no effect on solar panels. More to the point, you still see the some of the sun during a solar eclipse because the moon is too small to completely and utterly eclipse it. Furthermore, solar panels are designed to harness solar energy and hold onto some of it for rainy days, literally. This is why you can still turn on the lights and operate electronics in your solar-powered home during a major storm. If your neighbors experience a power outage during a storm, your solar panels will still carry you through without dimming a single light.

Coronal Mass Ejection

If you thought solar flares sounded bad and that they could effect your solar panels, you probably think that coronal mass ejection is even worse. Surely, this solar phenomena must affect your panels, as it is comprised of magentic energy being thrown with force against the day side of the Earth. While magnetic energy does create some disruptions in all things magnetic, the only result you will see are the aurorae borealis, or northern lights. 

The magnetic energy of a coronal mass ejection does not come close enough to the ground to create any sort of impact, much less affect your solar panels. It may, however, affect radio and television signals. Ergo, if your solar power is working perfectly, but your TV sets and radios suddenly get really weird for about ten to thirty minutes, you may have just experienced the side effects of a coronal mass ejection.

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7 February 2017

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