Having A Smog Test Soon? Is Your Vehicle Prepared?

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If you live in a larger city, chances are that you must pass a smog test to legally operate your vehicle. Although in terms of time, this can be somewhat of a hassle, you can simplify the process by ensuring your vehicle is prepared for the inspection. The more prepared your vehicle, the greater your chances of a passing score, and the faster you can be on your way.  

Resolve Any Lights

Smog tests are all about ensuring that a vehicle is only emitting a safe level of emissions. The efficiency level at which a vehicle is operating has a direct impact on the level of emissions a vehicle is outputting. Generally, the less efficient the vehicle's operation, the higher the emissions. With most test administrators, any warning light on the dash is an automatic failure.

They won't even take the time to look at the rest of the test features. You can save yourself time and money by addressing any lights on your dashboard. Some lights have a clear interpretation, such as oil change due; however, if you aren't able to easily interpret the light, you can take it to an auto supply store or mechanic that can plug the vehicle up to a computer that can read any error codes.

Drive The Car

If you're having a vehicle smog tested that hasn't been driven for quite some time, such as several months, it's a good idea to start driving the vehicle a couple of weeks before the test. If you fail to do so, you may receive a false negative. Particularly in older vehicles, the catalytic converter is designed to transform toxic pollutants into less toxic emissions. These pollutants are stored inside the converter and they are slowly burned off as the vehicle is driven.

If a vehicle hasn't been operated in a while, this likely means that there is a residue built-up inside the converter. Starting to drive the vehicle before the test offers the opportunity to burn off some of this residue. Keep in mind that to burn this residue, the converter needs to get fairly hot. This can't be achieved by driving the vehicle at 25 miles per hour for 5 minutes. Instead, take the vehicle on the highway to really heat it up.

The more prepared you are, the greater your chance of a successful test, and the less stress involved. Make sure you are doing your part. For more information, contact local professionals like West Coast Smog.


19 September 2016

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